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Fuel Surcharge

Wyvern Cargo operates a wholesale derv price review which is designed to offset the effect of fluctuating and volatile UK fuel prices.

Customers' fuel surcharge rates are calculated on the average monthly bulk price of derv.

Bulk Priceper litre (£)Trend
Dec 201799.10-0.11%
Nov 201799.21+1.59%
Oct 201797.66+0.78%
Sep 201796.90+2.19%
Aug 201794.83+2.51%
Jul 201792.51-0.32%
Jun 201792.81-0.92%
May 201793.67-2.22%
Apr 201795.80-0.72%
Mar 201796.49-0.81%
Feb 201797.28-0.71%
Jan 201797.98+2.02%
Dec 201696.04+2.16%

This rate is reviewed monthly.

Further information regarding fuel pricing can be found on the Freight Transport Association website located at http://www.fta.co.uk/information/fuel/.

Wyvern Cargo Ltd reserves the right to implement changes to its fuel surcharge policy at any time.

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